Tribal Wolf Tattoo

    Recently the popularity of tribal wolf tattoos has increased. Perhaps, this is due to the overall appeal of wolf as a symbol. Read this article to the end to learn more about it.

   Tribal art has long conquered the top of the tattoo designs list, still more and more new symbols are gaining popularity among tattoo lovers. For instance, tribal wolf designs are among the latest favorites.  This happened mainly because a wolf serves as an animal totem of a person, and consequently, there is a deep link between a wolf and a man.

   Tribal wolf as a tattoo design is really great, as it is extremely artistic, it can be tailored to your own ideas and expectations of this tattoo design. If you want a classic tribal wolf tattoo, then choose a wolf howling at a full moon. If you’d like a fiercer one, then consider a ferocious or fighting wolf. Although wolves are actually of gray or brown color, a black-and-white design will look good, too.

   The Meaning of a Tribal Wolf Tattoo

   This tattoo design carries a very expressive meaning. This is the symbol of raw power, cleverness and courage. Native Americans thought wolves were their spiritual teachers who guided them in all aspects of life. A wolf is one of the main characters in the myths and folklore of Native Americans. You start believing this is a very powerful creature when you learn that Native American tribes who know the nature of these beasts consider these animals very courageous, loyal, beautiful and persevering. Nevertheless, the list of these qualities is not limited to positive ones.

   A popular image is a lone wolf, but actually they are very much attached to their pack and family. No wonder that man’s best friends are believed to have originated from Asian wolves. Some people think that by making a wolf tattoo they become closer to the earth and forest spirits. At first glance, this tattoo is more suitable for a man, but this idea is misleading as women also like this design for symbolizing their independence and power.

   Where to Place a Tattoo

   Of course, you should be guided by your own opinion in this case, but the most popular placement for a wolf tattoo is the upper arm. Such a tattoo on a muscular arm will make a greater impression. The main thing is that the tattoo is visible and everyone can see and admire it. Sometimes you hear stories that someone got inked by getting inspiration from other people's tattoos.

   Now you have decided on this type of tattoo, you have to make the next step, namely do some research on finding the right design. You can look for a picture that can be used as a tribal design. A great idea is to make a temporary tattoo and see whether it would appeal to you and others. If yes, then you just have to go and get a permanent tat. Be sure to take care of it afterwards.

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