The tattoos representing a wolf.

   The image of a wolf decorates parts of a body of fans of extreme feelings. Most often meeting type of a tattoo is a wolf tattoo image.

   From time immemorial people believed in supernatural power of wolves, the set of terrible legends and stories is connected with werewolves and demons who turned into a wolf.  In various ancient myths of the Roman and Greek cultures it is spoken about a wolf howling on the moon.  This wild animal always inspired fear and terrible fear at simple people.  The mysticism and gloom shroud this animal.  Wolf often connected with sorcery and death.  The symbol of a wolf served as manifestation of evil intentions.  But many people on the contrary exaggerated the power of a wolf, as a symbol of independence, the power and big intelligence.  Some tribes worshipped to a wolf that on them abundance and success descended.  The culture of a tattoo of the wolf image arose in the depth of centuries, Indian tribes put drawings of a wolf on bodies of the people.  It is known that the wolf lives in pack and hunts usually with ferocity inherent in it and bloodthirstiness.  Here these signs also characterize an interior, a wolf carrying a tattoo.

   The decision to make this tattoo has to be reasonable and accurately formulated. Depending on part of a body where you would like to make this frightening tattoo, distinguish character of the person. It isn't less important to choose color scale in which drawing on a body, and also design and the size will be executed.


Pack of wolves.

   The wolf is regarded as the social animal living in own pack and helping each individual from his world to survive in world around. Therefore the tattoo with the image of a wolf symbolizes a family, deep related communication, protection and dedication. Unique it is considered drawing option when on a hand sit couple of wolves.

Wolf in a fog.

   One of the most important habits of a wolf is a concealment and supervision over the victim in a fog. We got used to combine the various mystical phenomena with the fog phenomenon. And connection of two main mystical powers also is uniqueness. Respectively the design of a tattoo with a wolf standing in a fog is considered a wisdom and pioneer symbol.


Growl of a wolf.

   We hear a set of terrifying and gruesome stories about wolves, their wild ferocity. To observe a grin of a wolf rather uncomfortablly, to people with the weakened nervous system advise not to come nearer at all to a cage with these animals. Growl the wolf shows that he is ready to intercede for the family and in offense it won't give anybody. The grin and growl is a bright manifestation of aggressive character of this spiteful animal. Beautifully the tattoo with the image of an oskalenny wolf with blood traces on teeth and juicy eyes looks.


Wolf howling on the moon.

   The abstruse, lingering and unclear phenomenon which installs horror in people already many thousands years is howl a wolf at night on the moon. The set of legends and myths is connected with it about a mystical being who in a full moon revives from the world dead, and equal it doesn't have anybody on light. The tattoo with a howling wolf can be added with a fog haze, flowers of a calla, a cloud or a tree from what its design becomes even more mysterious. Such type of a tattoo testifies to communication with the world dead, secrets of night and mysticism.

   Value of a tattoo with a wolf can be various, but it is based all the same on legendary mystical stories and belonging of this animal to the world of black magic and sorcery.  Despite a negative picture of the life of an animal and hearings going about it, the tattoo with the image of a wolf can be very beautiful.

   The choice of color scale and character of a wolf depends on attitude and character of the person.

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