Tattoos with Wolves

   These tattoos are traditionally made by men who adore travelling, sports and active life. The wolf is such a symbol of wild nature and it means the freedom and high moral principles.

   Nowadays wolf tattoos are strongly popular among different people. But other would like to know, why it is so. Some persons could think that the wolf symbolizes anger and ferocity. But actually there are some different meanings that can explain the value of this design.

   The classical meaning of tattoos with Wolves

   The first associations which arise at people's mind when they hear the word «wolf» are firmness, force, aggression, energy and self-sufficiency. From time immemorial wolves directed horror at people, so tattoos with wolves were always made by persons who were worshipped to an image of this freedom-loving animal. Besides, there is a set of myths, legends and incredible fairy tales in which grey or white wolf became the main character. It is very difficult to resist charm, mystery and the attracting strength of this amazing animal. Certainly wolves possess such traits of character as reserve, cunning, self-control also. And these features undoubtedly make wolves improbably attractive to different persons.

   Of course, wolf as an original symbol has many positive values. For example, wolves always played huge role in North America tribes’ life. From their point of view every wolf is the great symbol of leadership and intellectuals. Wolf packs are the big joint communities where all the members are faithful to the idea and to each other. Roman Mythology tells that Romulus and Remus who founded ancient Rome were raised by mother-wolf who took care of them, fed and educated them. So people consider a wolf as a careful, fair, reliable and devoted animal. According to astrology, the image of a wolf finds reflection in the Sirius constellation which is located around the brightest star in the whole universe which is available to our view.  People also associate all possible force and fearlessness with the special image of wolf from the time immemorial. That's why many people in the whole world since ancient times considered that the tattoo with the special image of a wolf could make the owner successful and happy.

   Design varieties

   As mentioned, only men usually have tattoos with wolves on their bodies. But in spite this fact nothing can stop women if they want to have tattoo with this image. If you surely want to make tattoo like this you need to think what it need to look like. Some persons prefer to get only large head of wolf and some like to have entirely all wolf's body on their bodies. Tribal tattoos are also attractive but they are made in black color what doesn't prevent them to be also very popular. You can get the image of wolf pack or the wolf against the moon. Howling wolf is also such a good variant for the tattoo. Besides, some people adore classical Native American design with wolves which are led by man or conversely the man who led the wolf. Also tattoos can represent some emotions of this noble animal such as howl, growl, angry look, furious cry and so one. And of course when drawing a tattoo you can use any colors which it is probably possible to wish.    

   The location of a tattoo preferably should be chosen depending on its size. Of course, it's better to make big tattoos with many wolves on the back or stomach. Some persons prefer to have it on their shoulders.  But those who'd like to print the small image or just a head of wolf prefered to get it on hands, legs and other parts of their bodies.

   Most of all wolf tattoos are strongly popular among bikes or severe men. But every person who considers that he has much in common with a wolf can choose a professional tattoo master and achieve the dream.

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