Planning to Make Your Next Tattoo? Check out 5 Cool Designs for a Wolf Tattoo

    There’s no doubt that wolf tattoos look cool? But how do you make your choice among the great variety of designs? First of all, you’d like to learn about the meaning that wolf tattoos have, and secondly, you’ll certainly be interested in the variation of this legendary animal that will be suitable for you personally. Read this article till the end and you’ll get to know 5 great wolf designs for your tattoo to choose from.

Meanings of Wolf Tattoos

    Wolves have long been glorified in myths and legends. These creatures arouse fear both in people and other animals, nevertheless, they are held in great respect. They usually join into packs to survive and are usually very loyal to their mates and display great courage while defending them.

    Wolf designs are great both for men and women. You shouldn’t really be concerned about others’ opinion if you like this or that tattoo and are dying to get it. In general, you are not likely to be judged about it, as this design is not gender specific.

Howling Wolf Tattoos

    This kind of design can be made in a large number of variations. The most popular ones include a howling wolf positioned with his head up and looking to the left or right. This position helps to better convey the message of the tattoo. If you’d like to make a bigger tattoo, you can choose the design including the surrounding landscape, especially the full moon.

New Moon Wolf Tattoos

    If you are a fan of Twilight, then this design is definitely for you! Otherwise, seeing it, people will decide that you’re still a fan of this popular TV series, and annoy you with endless questions.

    This way or other, this design looks great. It reminds of a tribal drawing made in black ink. The peculiarity of this design is that when they look at this tattoo they don’t notice the wolf itself at once, as it is encircled.

Tribal Wolf Tattoos

    This type of tattoo design is very popular, and there are really tons of tattoos to choose from. Men usually prefer more fierce looks, while women choose tribal designs for their gracefulness.

    A great variety of poses is offered for this design, starting from conventional ones like a howling wolf to ones in motion, like running, leaping or fighting. It’s easy to see that tribal variations to a great extent exceed non-tribal ones in number.

Celtic Wolf Tattoos

    This design is actually very rare, and there aren’t plenty of professionals who do them well. If you’re not willing to compromise and look for anything, be careful while choosing the right artist for doing this kind of tat. As an alternative, think about tribal styles, as the difference is not that striking.

Werewolf Tattoos

    Another rare kind of tattoo, with a meaning different from all the above. The werewolf is an illustration of a biological link between men and wolves. There are very few ready-made patterns for werewolf tattoos, so once again you’d better find a highly qualified artist to provide you with guidance and advice on how to get your dream tattoo.

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